Interested in becoming an Ofsted registered childminder?
What is a childminder?
Childminders are self-employed and care for children usually in their own home. They can often provide flexible care to suit your needs and may be able to provide more individualised care for your children. Childminders can care for children from age six weeks to 16 years but must register with Ofsted or a Childminding Agency.

Things to considerSupport availableWhat may prevent you registering
Do you live in the East Riding of Yorkshire?One to one Support from an Early Years Development Advisor to guide you through the process of registering with OfstedYou've been convicted of a serious offence or are barred from working with children
Do you own your own home?All sample paperwork provided for you to adapt to your home settingYour own children have ever been taken into care
If yes, have you checked your deeds to ensure you can work from your home, as some developers prohibit thisAll required training provided or signposted tooYou've been refused Ofsted registration before
If you live in a rented property, have you checked with your landlord and gained written consent to work from their property?Financial help once registered with OfstedYou live with someone who is disqualified from working or having regular contact with children
Can you offer a safe stimulating environment that will promote the good health, education and development of children?

Can you manage a wide range of children's behaviours?

Can you manage your own time efficiently?

Are you aware that everyone over the age of sixteen who live at the property will need an enhanced Disclosure Barring Service check (that states Home Childcarer/Childminder)?

Finance assistance could be available once registered

There will be some costs involved with becoming an Ofsted registered childminder - please see table below:-

ItemApproximate Cost
Car Insurance Business Class 1Check with insurance company (Annual cost)
Childminding CourseUp to £350.00
DBS Update Service

£13.00 per DBS check for each person aged 16 years and over(Not mandatory but good practice)
Enhanced Disclosure Barring Check (DBS)£50.00 per person aged 16 years and over
Employer Liability (Assistant)Check with insurance company (Annual Cost)
EquipmentVarious costs (Start-up costs and ongoing)
House InsuranceCheck with insurance company (Annual Cost)
House/Garden AlterationsVarious costs (Start-up costs and ongoing)
Information Commissioners Office (ICO - Data Protection)                    £40.00 annually
Motion Picture Licensing Company (DVD's) *if applicable*Have to contact for price
Ofsted Health Declaration Form£0.00- £150.00 approx.
Ofsted Registration Fee£35.00 - £220.00 annually
Paediatric First Aid (12 Hour) £90.00 approx. (Every 3 years)
Paperwork£50.00 - £100.00 (Start-up costs and ongoing)                                                                              

Performing Rights Society Ltd (PRS) Music License *if applicable*

£40.00 annually
Planning Application *if applicable*£385.00
Planning Query £60.00
Public Liability InsuranceFrom £30.00

How do I become a registered childminder?

To support you in applying to become an Ofsted registered childminder the Local Authority can offer you the following:-

Become a Registered Childminder course: this will cover all aspects of childminding delivered face to face or via Microsoft Teams.

Safeguarding training via the East Riding Safeguarding Childrens Partnership.

A full comprehensive training programme

Other pre-registration courses for childminders are run by external organisations however the Local Authority cannot recommend or verify any quality of teaching materials within these.

Other pre-registration courses for childminders are run by external organisations however the Local Authority cannot recommend or verify any quality of teaching materials within these.

To find out more about the Becoming a Registered Childminder, please submit an online enquiry via the below form:

Becoming a Registered Childminder