Talking To Your Children About Emotional Resilience And Self-Harm Training
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The Virtual College Network have worked in partnership with SelfharmUK to create a free online
course designed to help parents talk about the issue of self-harm with their children.
VCN highlight that spotting the signs can be difficult, and approaching the subject with your children
can be an uncomfortable experience.
The online course ‘Talking to your children about emotional resilience and self-harm’ has been
designed to provide parents with a basic awareness of the subject to help them approach their
children with confidence about the issue.
The course aims to hep parents:
• Know what self-harm is and why young people do it
• Know what makes young people vulnerable to self-harming behaviour
• Understand in what ways parents can support a young person who is self-harming.
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Age Groups:
Up to 99 years
Open All Year
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