News for Early Years Providers

Early Year Entitlement Q & A from Thursday 8th February 2024 update meeting

These are the responses from questions asked in the chat bar during the meeting. We are aware there were several questions around monthly payments, we are currently working with colleagues and will develop further information and guidance as soon as possible.

Parents on Universal Credit- Invoicing Guidance

Job Centre Plus have explained that Universal Credit guidelines require very specific information to be on an invoice and should this not be the case it could lead to the slowing and delaying payments to be made- this information will allow for a more efficient services for customers and the job centre and potentially improve payments to the childcare provider.

The information that customers are given that is required:
Proof of provider and payment
As proof of your provider, we need to see a contract, invoice or letter from them showing all of these:
• their name, registration number, address and phone number
• the names of your children that they look after
• the type of childcare, for example after school or nursery care

Parents only need to do this once per provider.
Job Centre Plus might also ask to see proof of payment showing:
• the dates of childcare you paid for
• how much you paid
• the date you made the payment
You can provide a paid invoice showing all of this, or a combination of:
• bank statements
• receipts from the provider
• invoices from the provider

DWP Find a Job instructions

Follow the below steps to help you create an employer account and post your vacancies to Find a Job.
How to create an employer account
1. Go to DWP Find a Job and click the ‘employers’ button, along the top.
2. Click ‘create account’.
3. Enter your email address and create a password.
4. Click ‘create account’.
5. Click the link in your verification email – make sure to check your junk folder.
6. Fill in your company details, we recommend that you select ‘Education’ as your company type. To help with the verification process, include as much information as possible under the ‘Additional company information’ section, such as your website and Companies House registration details.
7. Click ‘create company’.
8. Wait for DWP to approve your account. This usually takes one working day.
If any of these steps are unclear, visit employer help and advice.

How to post a job
1. Go to DWP Find a Job and click the ‘employers’ button, along the top.
2. Sign in to your account.
3. Select your company
4. Click ‘post job’.
5. Fill in each box with the relevant job details. You should:
• Use the term ‘Early Years’ in the job title.
• Select ‘Education jobs’ for the job category
6. Click ‘post job’, at the bottom of the page.
Your job vacancy will now be live for 30 days. To extend this period, you must re-post the vacancy. If these steps are unclear, visit employer help and advice.

How to re-post a job
1. Go to DWP Find a Job and click the ‘employers’ button, along the top.
2. Sign in to your account.
3. On the employer’s dashboard, click ‘edit’ on the job you want to repost.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘create a copy’.
5. The page will then refresh. 6. Scroll to the bottom of the page again and click ‘post job’.
You will then be redirected back to the employer’s dashboard, and a copy of your job will appear in the list.

If you need help
If you experience any issues, contact DWP and select “I’m an employer and I need help posting my job adverts’’. They aim to respond within one working day.
The Find a Job YouTube channel also provides helpful video tutorials on how to post job adverts and manage your employer account.

Additional information for Providers and LAs on applying for the new entitlement for working parents of 2 year olds

We have created a new page to detail communication relating to the changes here

Health Protection Information - Measles

The UK health security agency (UKHSA) issued national measles guidelines which can be found here: National measles guidelines

Measles symptoms are explained on the NHS website

Key points for education settings are:

• Confirmed and likely cases should stay at home and avoid contact with vulnerable people and therefore stay away from school, nursery or work for the entire period of infectiousness (from 4 days before onset of rash and for 4 days after rash onset where the date of rash onset is day 0). Given the high risk of infection following measles, it is advisable to return only after full recovery.

• The most vulnerable people are pregnant women, immunosuppressed individuals and young infants.

• Where practicable, all contacts should be provided with information on symptoms of measles and if they develop symptoms are advised to stay at home.

• Measles starts with a 2-to-4-day illness before the rash appears which typically includes high fever and a cough. For more details of the symptoms, visit the NHS website.

• Measles is a notifiable disease, please fill in the East Riding Public Health’s form to report cases in your setting or email

• Remember! Having two doses of the MMR vaccine is the most effective protection – GPs should be contacted for more information.