East Riding Public Health Updates

Summer Term Webinar 2024

Thank you so much to the settings who were able to join us at our education public health termly briefing on Friday, 26 April. We hope you found the content useful for planning and preparedness for the summer term.

If you missed the education public health summer term briefing for all settings, don’t worry you can still watch the recording via the link below: Click here to watch the public health briefing on YouTube (35 minutes)
The key messages of the session were:

• Ensure your setting has a plan in place to deal with suspected cases of measles – if you haven’t watched our health protection measles webinar it provides a useful and simple overview for all staff: East Riding Health Protection Measles webinar recording - March 2024 (youtube.com)
• If you have residential trips or days out planned, be alert to the health protection steps you can take to protect children and young people – particular regarding handwashing and signage if you are visiting somewhere with animals. Visiting a farm is an enjoyable and educational experience but farm animals can be the source of several bugs that can be passed from animals to humans and cause illness. Some can be particularly serious for children or pregnant women. Making use of handwashing facilities and using warm water and soap before and after touching any animals or walking through a farm is crucial. This is also the case before eating or preparing food. Please be aware that hand sanitizers/hand gels do not protect from infections such as Cryptosporidium which we have seen crop up throughout lambing season.
• If someone becomes unwell within two weeks of a farm visit, they should call NHS 111 and notify the setting. Anyone with symptoms of a tummy bug/D&V should stay away from the setting or work until 48 hours after their symptoms have stopped. You can read more advice on the UKHSA website: Cryptosporidium: public advice - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
• Summer is coming so please ensure your heatwave/adverse weather plan is current. You may find the updated summer advice attached useful to share with staff and parents.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the education public health team via: email cfsinfo@eastriding.gov.uk or call (01482) 392419.