Areas & Themes to Consider when Re-Opening your Provision

As well as the many practical aspects of working towards reopening, a key element will be looking to rebuild confidence.  This does not mean confidence in the sense of the quality of provision, as 98% of providers in East Riding are either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.  It is more to do with re-building confidence because of the awful situation we have all found ourselves part of, because of the coronavirus.  

It is more around building to, in the best way possible help children transitioning back into a setting with all they may have experienced, trying your best to ease understandable staff anxiety and providing parents with the right information /support to give them the confidence to help their children return, is going to present many challenges and require a lot of planning. 

To help providers access a wide range of information, resources and support from either the local authority or other organisations that support the early years sector, east riding has developed this information hub solely for providers.  Our aim being to try and pull together in one place the most useful resources, information and guidance.  This site has been developed in a very short period of time so is at the moment a work in progress, so more information will be added as it is received or developed.